“I have so much good to say about Mike Allison and the job he did for us in 2 gyms in our school district. We battled for several years with a couple of different companies regarding over priced quotes, debate about what was needed versus wanted, and I could go on. We received a reference from someone to give Mike a call. We figured, why not? He was prompt in his response, trustworthy in his quote, and his attentiveness to detail was second to none. Mike is very easy going and awesome to work with. He combined his superior knowledge with what we told him our needs were to come up with a system that sounds phenomenal. When we originally received his quote I was in shock as to how much he was able to save our district and still deliver a top quality product. Give him a shot, you won’t be disappointed.”

Matt Kleinheinz
Athletic Director, Dean of Students, Head Football Coach
Marshall Public Schools, Marshall, WI


“We had Mike Allison come in and assess our sound system in our gymnasium. He came up with a solution that really works, and was not costly. After having so many complaints about people not being able to hear at plays, concerts, and community events, it’s a relief to have the problem solved.”

Ken Bates
Superintendent, Green Lake School District


“Mike redid our sound system at the Lake Mills Moravian Church. He did an excellent job. When we had questions he was right there to help us out. I would highly recommend him for any sound needs that you have. We are very pleased with our system and with the service Mike has provided.”

Bruce Nelson
Lake Mills Moravian Church


“Mike Allison’s dedication to ‘doing things right’ can be summed  up with: He’s the only audio crew chief I would work with for 15 years.”

John “Bugzee” Hougdahl
Production manager for ZZ Top, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Shania Twain & many more


“When I hear that Mike Allison will be on the tour, I know it will go smoothly. Mike is one of the most intelligent, hard working audio engineers in the business. His knowledge of audio is second to none.”

David Eisenhauer
David has mixed FOH on world tours for a wide variety of artists including: Bon Jovi ( 2000-2011), James Taylor (2009), Paul Simon (2009-2011), Simon and Garfunkel reunion tour ( 2009), Kelly Clarkson (2007), Enrique Iglesias (2000-2007), Usher (2008), Sheryl Crow (1993-2001), Don Henley (1999), Trisha Yearwood (2008), Lionel Richie (2004), John Mellencamp (1998-2000),and  Julio Iglesias ( 2013).


“I remember yelling at Mike one day ‘Those grills on the front of the speakers don’t mean anything to you do they? You see the sound’.  Mike has the best ears. I will be happy to give a guest lecture any time at Sound Haven.”

Tony Blanc
Tony has mixed Rihanna, Christina Aguliera,Steve Winwood , David Bowie, and Mick Jagger


“I call Mike ‘Wile E Coyote Super Genius’ because he was able to do things with the PA system that no one has ever been able to do.”

Orris Henry
Orris has mixed Nickelback, Van Halen, Jason Bohnam, and Dancing with the Stars Live.


“If you have an audio question Mike can answer it. All the tours with Mike have been the best there could be, we have gone around the world together, there is no one better than Mike.”

Horace Ward
Engineer for Usher 2015, Beyonce, Kanye West, Lady Gaga,Chris Brown,Mary J Blige, Destiny’s Child,Puff Daddy, Prince,  and Maxwell.